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Mad Trapper Finale: Showdown in the Snowshoes

Wow! I’ve been so excited and happy with my result in the last Mad Trapper snowshoe race of the season that I couldn’t find the time to blog about it! Can you believe that? Well, it’s partly true. I thought about writing up the story Saturday afternoon, but that seemed too ambitious. Then, life got in the way for a couple days, but here I am to fill you all in on my winter race-season closing race. As some of you may have already looked at the pictures and/or read Mike’s own race report, you’ve probably heard that I WON first place overall!! No joke! I’ve looked back on all my race results, and it turns out this is only the 2nd time I win 1st place overall in a race. Last time was in August of 2007! While some of the top guns were not present this time, it was still a hard-fought battle, and I invite you all to read on for the rest of my happy story.

Successful Season Opener for 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog posts from Africa in order to bring you the latest race report from ActiveSteve. It’s been a pretty hectic weekend out in the frigid Ottawa region for me. Although the temperatures barely rose above -20degC all weekend, it didn’t keep me from skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and just generally making the most of what we get here in the winter. It was also my 2010 race season opener, taking the form of a 10k snowshoe race. This was the 3rd of 4 races put on by Mike Caldwell as the Mad Trapper snowshoe race series. The course for Saturday was the ‘combined course’, which meant one lap of the infamous ‘hilly’ route, and a 2nd lap consisting of the ‘flatter’ route. There were actually a few tweaks to the course, which made it more like 9k, but it was still plenty challenging. I managed to capture some pictures and a couple videos, which I’ve posted on flickr, but not many. For the full details of how it went down, read on friends.

Let it Snow! For the sake of Racing!

Hey gang. Thanks for tuning in. I’m going to write a quick blog post about the race that I just finished a couple hours ago. Normally, I’d drag my heels a bit, but given that I’m heading out of town soon, it’s probably better that I just get this done right away, don’t you think? Plus, it’ll be a little shorter than my normal race stories 🙂 Of course, I’m talking about that venerable racing tradition, the Mad Trapper Snowshoe race series opener! Today was set to be the ‘flatter’ course; a test of strength over a course of 9.2km (two loops of 4.6km). Of course, ‘flatter’ by no means implies ‘flat’, it was a lot of slogging up and down minor hills. For the full quick dump, read on. You might also want to check out a few videos [update: There is now a huge gallery of shots from the race from the photographer up] from the day capture via Andrew Cameron’s helmet cam. Pretty cool footage I must say!