As most of you are aware, the main reason for this website is to track all of my various adventures, many of which involve races. I have competed in a broad range of races over nearly two decades now! The shortest would be a beer mile, or similarly a 2k road running relay race. My longest races include a weeklong mountain bike race, a week-long trail running race and multi-day adventure races.

I’ve been fortunate enough to also travel to other parts of the world to take part in these races. I’ve been to the U.S. many times (here’s a fun example), Jamaica, as well as in Europe. I hope to see other exotic locations, but all this racing is hard on the wallet!

After pretty much every race, I write up a blog post talking about my experiences. In 2012, I also started doing video race reviews for Get Out There Magazine, and included them in my blog posts. Below you can jump to pages with specific content, or just browse the full collection of race reports I’ve written over the years (there are LOTS!).

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