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Gonna Eat a Lot of Peaches

Well this is going to be a post that you likely won’t see repeated too often in this writer’s life. As the title alludes through the lyrics of a pretty well known tune, Deanna and I have basically moved to the country. More precisely, we have opted to leave the busy, hurried suburbs of the Plateau area in Gatineau, for the more peaceful country-like setting of Chelsea. This has likely been some time coming as some people have asked for years now, “when are you moving to Chelsea?”. In fact, to meet it sort of feels like I’ve finally arrived where I should be. We spend a lot o our spare time in Gatineau Park, and the lure of a little more peace and room to breathe was too great to ignore any longer. Read on for a little more story about how we ended up at our new homestead, … Continue Reading ››