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Gonna Eat a Lot of Peaches

Well this is going to be a post that you likely won’t see repeated too often in this writer’s life. As the title alludes through the lyrics of a pretty well known tune, Deanna and I have basically moved to the country. More precisely, we have opted to leave the busy, hurried suburbs of the Plateau area in Gatineau, for the more peaceful country-like setting of Chelsea. This has likely been some time coming as some people have asked for years now, “when are you moving to Chelsea?”. In fact, to meet it sort of feels like I’ve finally arrived […]

T-Minus One Week to Boston!

Yup, that’s right, you read correctly. I’m now actually less than a week away from running one of the world’s most famous races, the Boston Marathon. In fact, this will be the 114th edition of the race, and for me, the 6th time that I run 42.2km all at once! The funniest part about this (at least in my mind) is that to me, it’s more of a training event than a main event. I know, sounds crazy, but in just over 2 months from now, I’ll be doing a 3-day race in which one of the days is a 62km off-road trail run! So for that reason, this isn’t the pinnacle of my 2010 season, but just a warm-up. However, that in no way will detract from the event for me, and in fact, makes is easier to just enjoy the day. I plan to carry a camera and my GPS, so there should be ample photographic evidence of my day on the classic road to the finish in Boston! Although I leave in about 4 days, I feel pretty disorganized, or at least not really in the right headspace. To hear a bit more about why that is, and some other latest news, read on. The picture? Well, that’s just one from my recent move to my new home in Gatineau, why not have a look at the full folder of pictures from the move? After that, come on back for more!

ActiveSteve Moves into new World Headquarters!

Howdy folks! Have you been missing me of late? There really hasn’t been that much to fill you all in on that would be of great interest. Basically, I’ve been training and packing and working. Boring, right? Also ActiveSteve has been operating out of a temporary location, and that hasn’t been all that conducive to doing much other than the things I’ve listed. However, that is all about to change tomorrow, on April 1st. Why you ask? Because I’m pulling up stakes and heading to a whole other province to my new house! Yup, it’s moving day! Get the keys at noon, and movers should show up at the old place soon after. I imagine you are all now wondering what sort of casa I managed to find in a short period, right? Well, you’re curiosity will be rewarded. For starters, just check out the folder of pictures that I put up on flickr. Afterwards, read on for a few more details.