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Run to the Hills

Hey gang! I sincerely hope that everyone’s summer is going swimmingly. Mine, despite the minor setbacks related to not being allowed to run, has been fun so far. Even though I’m frustrated with the lack of running, I can definitely take solace in the fact that I do indeed still have my health. As such, I’m still embracing activity and getting out when I can to do interesting things. Such has been the case yet again for the past couple weekends, where I once again threw my hat in the ring as a volunteer to help out at local races. I’ll put up two separate posts for you to all digest, and this first one is about the 5 Peaks Trail Run that took place near Farrellton, Quebec. If you’re interested in seeing some pictures from the event, head on over to the folder I put up on Flickr. For fun, I also decided to bike back from the event for a little extra training, and since I haven’t put up a map in a while for all you keeners, you can check that out as well. When you’re done, come on back and read my short tale about the day. Oh yeah, and as a bonus, I have a pseudo update on my knee first.

Planning for the Future

Hello friends and well-wishers. You may be wondering what is happening with ActiveSteve, especially given that my last post was all about buying a video game system. Well, I’m here to assure you all that my athletic aspirations have not gone too far away. Granted, I’m not running these days, but I’m still cycling, and trying to get out paddling and swimming a bit. As well, I’ve taken up going to the gym again, so at least 3 times a week I’m doing weights and flexibility training. My theory for this is to stay sharp and toned, and keep all my little stabilizer muscles in good shape, so that once I ask my body to start performing again, it’ll be ready to support me in that. As such, this post will fill you in on a tentative future plan that’s been percolating. Now, I don’t want to jinx things by spilling the beans too early, but this race requires commitment about a year in advance, both monetary and physically. I’ve already started training for it, and saving up for it. Next step will be booking flights. Curious yet? Well, read on and find out what I’m talking about. And the accompanying picture here? Well, that’s just a screenshot from my training software showing a little mountain bike ride that I went on last weekend. You may note my high heart rate for most of the ride. It was a good push, and I felt great at the end.

Back to the Races

Yowza! Well, you knew it was just a matter of time before I bit the bullet and strapped on a race bib this summer, didn’t you? There was just no way that I’d be able to idly sit by the entire season without at least one try at the glory of racing. This despite the fact that the last doctor I saw told me in no uncertain terms that he didn’t only think I should be racing in triathlons, but that I shouldn’t race period, as then I’m not ‘focusing on getting better’. Bah! I had to try something, if not just for my own sanity. As such, I had registered only a week ago to take part in the Ottawa Riverkeeper Kayak Triathlon. However, after my latest doctor consult, I opted to switch to the SwimCycle event, which means no running at all (the Kayak Tri had a 5k run, which would have certainly kept me injured longer). This event would be a 1.5km swim, followed by a 40km bike, then a short sprint to the finish. My lovely race photographer was on site once again, and got some good shots of the day. Please feel free to check them out, and when you’re done, come back here and read the rest of the story. I had my GPS on, but haven’t made a custom map with the trail yet. I’m not sure it’s necessary, but if I get around to it, I’ll link it up here as well.

Volunteering is Good for the Soul

Well, hot off the heels of volunteering at a weekend adventure race, Jody and I decided to head out for another selfless act of volunteerism. I wasn’t scheduled to do any volunteering or racing for the National Capital in the first place, but as usual, plans can change rather rapidly. Truth be told, I really didn’t feel like even watching any of the marathon drama unfold this year. This was mainly due to the fact that I’m still unable to do any running whatsoever myself, so I really don’t feel like watching others go to it and get their goals. However, when the call for help came out at the last minute at work, I decided to set aside my selfishness and volunteer. As usual, we’ve got some pictures online, and there’s more to my story, so read on.

Giving Back to the Race Community

Hello again! You’re probably reading this blog post at about the same time as my last one, so you’ll quickly see that I’ve found another way to avoid the blues of sitting on the sidelines as a result of my knee issues. Yup, I’ve decided to still be as involved as possible in the race world by doing it the only other possible way: volunteering! I’ve long mentioned to Jody that I would like to help out at some adventure races and experience ‘life on the other side’. AR is a sport that demands a lot out of not only the competitors, but also of the unsung heroes that are the volunteers. The logistics to put on these types of races can be overwhelming, and without the dedication of people who do it just for the joy of helping out, most races just wouldn’t happen. With that in mind, read on to see how I tried to make a recent adventure race just a little bit easier for all those involved 🙂