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Near Flawless Season Finisher

Howdy all, well, the time has come to write up my last race report for the 2007 season. Yup, I’m planning to take it easy for the next couple months before heading to New Zealand. Well, not totally easy. I’m hoping to actually do some strength training in preparation for the 4 months of cycling. In particular, I’ve got to get my legs in solid shape for the huge number of mountains I’ll be biking up 🙂 However, you’ll get to read all about that as my trip gets underway. For now, you’re here to read about the Frontier Adventure Challenge Canadian Champs race that I just finished over the weekend at Bon Echo. It was a super-fun race, and I’ll do my best not to go overboard on the descriptors in this post, so that I can keep your attention. Before I get the story underway, feel free to head over to the folder on flickr for some pictures that I took before, during, and after the race. Sadly, no map this time. I had the Garmin on, but accidentally hit the stop button 14km into the 100km race. Anyway, read on my friends…