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“Tri”-ing my best in the 2010 Winterlude Triathlon

Howdy folks! Hope everyone is going okay during this delightful cold snap that we seem to be suffering through in Ottawa. Must say that I’m not a huge fan of trudging to the bus stop every morning in what seems to be lower than -15deg C weather! But I digress, this isn’t the place to discuss weather, is it? You undoubtedly are tuning in to read about my latest racing results, right? Well, at least that’s what I’m here to write about. Quite a treat too, as this was my first ‘required’ event for the Rudy Award that I had planned on nabbing this year. However, that seems more unlikely now, given that I’m probably trading a ‘required’ event to do a 24 hour adventure race instead. What can I say? I know where my priorities are. Fun first, results second! At any rate, I’ve already paid entry for a few of the other events, so I’ll do them and race hard 🙂 To see some pictures from before and after the 2010 Winterlude Tri, you can check out my set on flickr. Not too much excitement there, but at least you’ll see how the transition area was laid out. Now onto the story!