Custom Google Maps

Welcome to the custom Google Map section of! Below is a list of custom maps that I’ve created using a GPS, software called RoboGeo (check them out!), and sometimes some pictures I’ve taken. The idea is simple enough. I do enough training and adventuring stuff that I thought it’d be fun to share with the world some of my trails and travels. By integrating the pictures on some of them, you’ll also get to see exactly what I saw while going to these places.

The bulk of the maps below are from my 4 month cycling tour of New Zealand. Creating these maps allowed people to live vicariously through me.

In the future, I might also use this to track some of my races, and comment on the sections. I tried it in the past without this software, and it worked pretty well. Anyway, enough with the rambling introduction. On with the maps!

Map Listing (Ordered by date created)