When the Cat’s Away…

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Welcome back everyone! As I write this blog post, I’ve been playing Bachelor for about two weeks now, with still another week to go. The biggest question I’ve been getting lately is ‘how are you enjoying the bachelor life?’ Well, I guess ths short answer is that I’m pretty much bored with it. I’ve been doing little chores around the house, got everything cleaned up, etc. etc. There’s only so many things I can do while I’m alone here 😉 Luckily, with the training, there’s not been any downtime to speak of. It turns out that nothing gets done if I don’t do it when I’m alone! However, not to fear, I haven’t been a total square the entire time. The older we get, the harder it seems to be for the boys to get together. So, in order to make up for that, I decided that I had better at least have one boys night while Jody was away. I decided that the best time to do that would be the same day that she left. This little blog post will fill you in on at least some of the details. Read on.

I recently bought myself a Playstation 2 just so that I could get the Guitar Hero 2 game. For those who might not know it, this game has a guitar-like controller that you play with in order to play songs to beat the game. Matt and Andy also have the game, and we’ve had lots of fun playing it whenever we get the chance. So naturally, I decided to make that part of our boys day / night. The plan was to get together starting early in the day, and play video games, watch movies, drink beer (of course), and barbecue into the evening. After sufficiently stuffed (or is that pickled?), we planned to head down to the Glue Pot pub downtown, where we used to hang out for karaoke nights and free popcorn in our early days in Ottawa.

Timing and family requirements by some other people lead to only having Matt, Rob and I getting together for the majority of the fun. Andy met us later on at the bar, but for the most part, it was basically a Picklecatz reunion without Pat and Troy. That suited us just fine, since we never seem to have too hard a time having fun when it’s the three of us, much to our better halves chagrin. In order to justify this excess, I decided that I should do a little training before the lads came over. To kick the day off, I was up at about 6am in order to get Jody off to the airport. Directly from the airport, I headed to the pool with Darren (Jody’s travelling companions’ room-mate!) for a nice 1 hour swim of about 2km. But that wasn’t all, directly after that. We headed over to another friends’ house to do a run. Not just any run though. We had planned to do a loop of the new NCM half marathon course. In the end, we logged about 23km before stopping. Whew! Well, that should justify the calories I was about to ingest, right?

After the run, I headed home to get ready for Matt and Rob’s arrival. I grabbed a quick shower and a bite to eat. Before I knew it, Matt showed up. We got right down to the business of playing Guitar Hero. Yee haw! We also had another little treat up our sleeves. Earlier this year, Alix and Jody were in Mexico for Mel’s wedding. As part of the trip, they were kind enough to buy a little souvenir for Matt and I. What souvenir, you ask? Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, you best check out the pictures from the day. Yup, that’s right, we got some authentic Mexican wrestling masks! Think Nacho Libre. Sweet, isn’t it? No only did Matt and I get them, but Alix and Jody picked up a third mask, destined for our third amigo, Rob. We had kept that a secret from him since February, and it was now time to unleash this surprise on him. In order to do this, we waited till Rob showed up. We then set him up playing a song, while Matt and I masked up. His reaction was priceless. Once done he turned around to talk to us, then noticed we were wearing masks.

We then set him up with his, and for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, we played games, snacked, and wathched TV with our masks. Let me tell you, these things get pretty toasty after a while ;-). There’s really not much more to talk about. Well, maybe there is, but I’m not going to tell you much more. What happens on boys night stays at boys night. Hee hee. Actually, there really wasn’t much to talk about. We made it to the bar, hoping to catch some bands. We were a little too early, and a little too rowdy once there. Poor Rob was having issues keeping the liquids in the glass, and eventually the set up a ‘slippery when wet’ sign right beside him. Once Andy showed up, they decided they’d serve us another pitcher, and we showed Andy our masks. We had told him to bring a mask, and he actually did. It was only a lone ranger mask, but in his defence we didn’t really give him notice. Our server wasn’t quite sure what to make of us. Ha ha.

We hung out there till late in the evening. Matt was the first to bail (what else is new ;-), followed not to long after by me. I decided to just get back home and sleep it off in order to get back to training the next day. From what I hear, Rob, Andy and Anna stuck around there and saw all the bands.

As you might have guessed, my plan was to only do that once while Jody is gone, as it tends to have a rather adverse reaction with my training! So that’s a quick little story about the Boys night. A good time was definitely had, and it’s just too bad they are so far behind. Oh well, better sometimes than never, right?! Thanks for the fun boys!

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