Bring on the Pain…

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Well, here we go. Yesterday was officially Day 1 of my 2006 Marathon Training program. Luckily, it was a ‘cross-training’ day, and as such, I decided that by going to vote, and then watching people swim for a bit at the Pinecrest Pool, that counted! Ha ha. Well, not really, but I’m still recovering from a cold, and just decided to rest up. Today however is a new day. No more messing around. Training starts in earnest. Mind you, I’ve been keeping active anyway, but now I’ll start monitoring it. As such, I’m just back from my first official 5k run. Great weather for it. 0-1 degrees. I’m once again choosing to use Hal Higdon’s training guides, and have decided to follow the Intermediate II program, which ups my total mileage again over last year. I’ve been a follower of his programs for several years now, and he’s never steered me wrong. Tonight I’ve also got a spinning class for an hour at Cyclelogik, which is next to MEC. Overall, I’ve decided to train more seriously again this year leading up to the summer season. Read on.

Currently, I think my training schedule will look something like this on a weekly basis until at least April:

Monday: Wave-Runner Training in Pool (some new program where they tether you to the pool in the deep end and make you work out)
Tuesday: Run at lunch, Workout 1hr at night (lower body)
Wednesday: Run at lunch, Workout at night (upper body)
Thursday: Run at lunch, Spinning at night
Friday: REST DAY (gotta have one)
Saturday: Run in morning, Swimming in afternoon
Sunday: Long runs in the morning

Hal says not to over-train, but I’m really training for more than just the marathon, so I think this is necessary, and shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll also have a few events over the coming months, like snowshoe racing, winterlude triathlon, as well as adventure racing stuff. Overall, it should put me in pretty good condition come summer. The only thing now is that I hope I don’t come down with Pneumonia again this year like last year. That kept me down for almost a month! Anywho, for now, it’s one day at a time, and to make sure I eat well over the coming intense training months!

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