A Mere 6.5km… of Crap!

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Alright, I’d like to file a formal complaint with Mother Nature. What’s up with this frickin’ freezing rain when I’m trying to run? All week, Jody has been lamenting that I’d be spoiled at the end of the week by a nice warm run before diving back into cold weather. All I can say is … I’ve been had! Yes, the temperature has gone up, and is at this exact moment sitting at a mere -2 degrees. However, why don’t we just throw in a little rain into the air. What’s that? Oh yeah, it’ll obviously freeze in this temperature, a seldom-enjoyed meteorological occurrence known as freezing rain. The result has got to be one of the most miserable runs in my training this year thus far.

Of course, being the tough guy that I am, I do everything in my power to not skip any training activities, so this rain wasn’t going to stop me from completing my lunch-time run. It might as well have though. Progress on my short 6.5km route was hampered at every step by the compounded misery of slush, puddles, and a huge helping of slick, wet, ice on the sidewalks. More than once I nearly fell, catching myself only with Herculean efforts and contortions that I wouldn’t even contemplate in a hot yoga class! My body got quite a work-out, and all the sore muscles from last week are now angry at me!

Of course that nice 20km/h wind didn’t make me smile much either. The rain was actually freezing on my jacket as I ran. I had to laugh at that. Then I had to worry. Flashbacks of last year, and spending a month pretty much laid up with pneumonia danced in my mind. This is the year that I’m really hoping to have a full training season free from illness and injury. So far so good, but more of this crap, and I could be in trouble. Oh well, I guess I can just grimace and bear it, right? I finished off my run, and took a nice warm shower, stretching out my sore spots. Now I’m back at my desk enjoying my lunch. Now just a few more hours to kill before heading off to my Thursday spinning class!

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