Boy, Does it Add Up….

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So, I just did some quick adding up. Would you believe that since January of this year, up to yesterday night (April 23, 2006), I have run over 820 km? Holy crap! Well, I double checked, and that number is accurate. I’ve put this distance on my own two feet in various shoes over the past 13 weeks. All of this of course is preparation for the marathon, which will be my third time running it. This distance doesn’t include any other things I’ve done, like skiing, snowshoeing, swimming and biking either! I’d like to say I’m a machine, but it really doesn’t feel that way. I’m just a regular guy, who’s been able to be pretty disciplined about getting out there and doing what needs to be done. I’ve got a bit of drive, since I’d like to start coming out with some possible podium finishes in various races that I’ll be doing this summer.

Speaking of which, my schedule is already filling up fast it seems. As of right now, I’m planning to do the marathon, 3 triathlons (including a ½ Ironman), 5 adventure races (hopefully including a ridiculous 1-week, unsupported ‘expedition’ race), 2 trail running races, and playing ultimate Frisbee. Jody isn’t so pleased to hear about new races I’d like to do, since it ultimately means no camping or outings on those weekends. Of course, camping is usually a challenge in itself, what with the Great White Beast, Jonah.

Like any person training hard though, my body does occasionally feel the results. The last couple weeks, I’ve cut back on my ‘extra’ swimming and biking training, since I’m at peak running mileage. I started experiencing various knee and foot pains, but nothing too terrible. Just to be sure, I decided to head out to a sports doctor at PSI Rehab at Scotiabank Place, as well as get a full footwear and orthotics assessment from my friend Ryan at Solefit Orthotics. These appointments are slated for this week and next, so that I can buy new shoes if needed and break them in before the marathon. Anyway, I’m sure this post has limited appeal to most, so I’ll leave it at that. For the record books, yesterday’s weigh-in had me at 129 lbs., 11.3% body fat and 63.1% water composition. Yikes. I better make sure I bulk up before that expedition race!

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