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Click here for photos from this day. Well here marks the end of our 2nd day in Buenos Aires (well, first real full day). Jody was just emailing our tour guide to let him know about the lost baggage situation. We’ll be meeting with him tomorrow morning, but the note said that if we had anything important to tell him about, we could just shoot an email. The weather was friggin’ awesome today. I’m talkin about 34 dgrees celsius here folks. Luckily, the humidity wasn’t too high either. However, the sun, she was mighty hot. Think scorched stevey-head. I’m wiped out after all the walking in the sun. We spent the day doing a self-guided tour of all the sights in downtown BsAs. We also did some shopping, we’ve started phase II of project forget Air Canada, Jody bought a duffle bag, as well as some replacement tank tops, and other things. Our tour took us all over town, to some of the important plazas, as well as to the famous theatre (Teatro Colon) and to Recoleta Cemetary, where all the rich and famous dead hang out in their mausoleums. Pretty cool place actually. We tracked down Eva Perron’s tomb (not easy to do in a place like this.) Snapped lots of pictures, of which you’ll all see plenty of when we return. We managed to get back to the hotel for what we thought was our 6pm briefing. Turns out our guide was stuck somewhere between Bolivia and Argentina, and we wouldn’t see him until the next day. Oh well, time for more adventure. read on.

Since we thought this was our last night for BsAs, we opted to go for a tango show. We showed up very last minute at this place known as Cafe Tortoni, a well-known cafe and tango house. They are also the location of the Tango museum. We got to the door, and were told that all 3 shows for the night were sold out. As luck would have it, a host just walked up and said there were two cancellations. We were told to sit for 5 minutes, and they’d arrange tix for us. What good fortune. We ended up having a great meal there, and seeing a great intimate tango show (none of that bullshit tourist $50 show, but a locals show). Definitely memorable night. We went back to crash and get set for the next stage, a long 20 hour bus ride to Salta…

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