Climate and Geography Rolls By..

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Click here for pictures from the road. I´ll close off my day of blogging by writing a little note about the trip from Cafayate to Tucuman, where is the place that I´m writing from right now. It´s a much bigger city (800,000), so less personal. We´re only here for one day, off tomorrow back into the Andes to a place called Chilecito. But for now, I´m an urban dweller once again. I was just in the middle of chatting with some locals about my trip so far. Argentinians are a great people it seems. Last night was a nice group meal at a local restaurant. More wine, more ice cream, more general group fun. The next morning, we were set to take public bus to this town. However, we convinced our guide to book a private bus to take us, giving us the chance to take the more scenic route, as well as to make a few extra stops on the way. One of those stops was to Quilmes, which are the biggest ruins in Argentina I think (and the best beer´s namesake). Sadly, after Peru last year, it´s hard to impress me with ruins. The guide on site was very good, and friendly, but the ruins are very far from their Incan counterparts in terms of scale and quality. Nonetheless, the stop was worth the $5 difference in price for the private bus. We also stopped in a couple small towns…

The most remarkable feature of the trip was the extreme change in climate and geography. We moved from the high altitude plains back into the near sea-level lushness. In Cafayate, all was dry and desert-like, but on the way here, we transerred to the lush green regions. OH, and the humidity probably jumped from about 45% to 90%. I´m cery sticky now. Luckily both Cervezas and Helados are cheap (beer and ice cream). Very cool. Well, my time is almost up, at 56 minutes, so I´ll sign off now. Take care till my next check-in, and hope all are doing well.

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