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Back to the Coast for Recovery

Hi gang. I’m back again, writing a story for you even though I’m still a little under the weather! It’s nothing super-bad, just a sort throat and general tiredness, which as you may imagine does make my 5 hours of cycling each day a little challenging and exhausting. I chose to take a route today that would take me right out to the west coast, to a place called…. Westport. It’s a town of about 4600 people, but has lots of cafes and a supermarket. It was only a 65km ride, and I got in just before 1pm. This gave me the chance to do laundry, buy some supplies, eat a lunch, and then hopefully catch up on my Internet and stuff. I’m hoping to wrap up all my chores by 7pm or so, so that I can maybe just watch a movie, and snack, then hit the hay early. I’m not taking a day off, so I hope the extra rest will give me the boost for tomorrows ride. Luckily, it’s another relatively short day, so that’s in my favour. As usual, I’ve got a little map put together for my faithful followers, and some pictures to amuse you. Today’s ride was good on scenery, but that’s about it. You’ve pretty much seen it all, so I held back on taking too many pictures. Read on just the same…

Waiting “Pans” Out

Howdy hi folks. ProspectorSteve here, reporting in for another tale from New Zealand. Well, I only feel like a prospector as I’m in a ghost town / mining town at the moment. In fact, what I’m really in is my tent, in a bug-infested field on the site of what was once the main street of Lyell, a gold rush town. Nowadays, it’s a DOC (Department of Conservation) campsite, where you pay 6NZD in an honor box to camp overnight. There’s a tap, and an outhouse. Did I mention the bugs? The sandflies to be precise. Everyone warned me about this place, but I laughed it off. They weren’t kidding! My latest hobby has been to rack up the bodycount in the tent each time I open the tent. Needless to say, they are winning the war, and I’ve resigned myself to staying in my little nylon fortress rather than risk life and limb outdoors. Probably best anyway, as I’m not feeling well, and a good nights rest might help. However, I’ve gotten ahead of myself, read on for the day’s events, and check out the map for some fun pictures!

Of Atoms and Hills

Well, what a fine day to you all! At this very moment, I find myself at the end of a long day in the saddle, with a sore butt for reasons I’ll reveal in just a moment. I’m listening to some great tunes on a record player of all things, in a farmhouse on a 400 Hectare farm of sheeps, goats, pigs, and cows! I’m hoping to buy some fresh sausages in a little bit if the hostel owners ever show up! Yup, the sign said make yourself at home, so I have. I had a nice shower, and found the record collection. Matt and Rob would be most impressed. I’ve got limitless choices of classic rock and a good record player for the evening. The view is pretty awesome too. So far, I have the whole place to myself. Not bad for 20NZD. Of course, I’m really in the middle of nowhere, and the place is called the Hu-Ha Bikepackers, so you know it caters to cyclists, which is a nice change. It’s in a good location for bikers, as to get here was a full day’s ride, but there’s nowhere else really close, so it’s an ideal cyclists stop, but not for car travelers. Anyway, read on for today’s tale, and check out the map.