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Custom Cycling Maps of the Trip

One of the great aspects of this trip for me personally was the fact that I lugged a lot of technology with me the entire way. Three of my key pieces of gear were my digital camera (waterproof, shockproof, dustproof Olympus 790SW), my GPS (Garmin Forerunner 305) and my ultramobile PC (ASUS R2H). With these three things, I was able to make the trip come alive for people all around the world. Below is a list of links to all the rides that I did in New Zealand (starting with the last ride and finishing with the first). Also, I’ve put together two ‘mega-maps’; one covering my North Island adventures, and one covering my South Island adventures. All these maps have daily stats, as well as a selection of pictures from the day. (Warning: The mega-maps take a while to load in… be patient!)

“Best of” Pictures Now on Flickr

Hey gang! Well, I’m slowly making my transition into my humdrum existence back here in Ottawa. Understandably, I’m having a bit of a challenge finding my focus again, but it’s coming. As I decide what my upcoming racing and traveling plans are, I’ll share them. Looking at my ‘countdown’ is depressing, since I have nothing to look forward to at the moment! However, for now, I can still be happy with the fact that I’ve put together my ‘best of’ pictures of both the North and South Island. It was a tough cull, and I still ended up with 1756 pictures, but at least I did a first sort. These are all up in full resolution should you wish to use them as wallpaper 🙂 Up next: getting the NZ ‘Mega-Maps’ done. I think I’ll do North and South separate. Otherwise, the files get pretty unwieldy. Without further ado, please check out the following links:
Best of North Island Pictures
Best of South Island Pictures

Final Chapter in the Story

Good day and greetings from the land of snow and taxes, as my father put it. As some of you have rightly pointed out, this post is definitely a touch on the tardy side. I’ve been back in Ottawa for four days, and owe you all at least a few paragraphs to sort of close off this adventure of mine. I suppose part of my reluctance to write this final blog post had to do with wanting to absorb everything before writing my parting thoughts. Of course, on the other hand, getting back home was a bit hectic, as I was anxious to get settled back in and come to grips with the return to my ‘routines’. On that front, I definitely have a few things I can share with you all, as well as tell you about the last leg of my return journey. So if you’re ready, kick back, polish up your glasses, and I’ll try to entertain you or at least enlighten you on my brainspace for one more time 🙂 Be patient, as it will likely be a long post, but I suppose I have to do a bit of reflecting in this, the final chapter of my New Zealand adventure.

24 Hours in San Francisco

27/03/08 … Again!
Well, as promised, here is the second post for March 27th. I guess crossing the date line has its benefits heading in this direction. i’ve effectively gotten an extra day on my holiday! Yay. Of course, I lost that day on my way down, so all in all, there is a zero sum gain, but still, on the way back, it’s nice to feel like you got an extra day, wouldn’t you agree? The flight from Auckland to San Francisco went without incident, and in fact, we arrived in San Fran 20 minutes early. How’s that for a change? Transport that’s early. Wow, I’m impressed. Shame I didn’t get a wink of sleep on the damn flinght. 12 hours of insomnia spent watching several movies, TV shows, and listeneing to music. I had a couple glasses of wine, but nothing too crazy. I wouldn’t want to risk a hangover on my very short visit to San Francisco. Read on for a little bit more info on this little layover.

D-Day (Departure Day)

Hello folks, and welcome to the in-air version of ActiveSteve. The lights have been dimmed low as people try to get some shut-eye. I’ve got Stadium Arcadium cranked, as part of my in-seat entertainment. I just watched a most incredible movie called “Into the Wild”, based on a true story and book by Jon Krakauer. Absolutely remarkable. I’d say it was inspiring, but given that the lead guy dies after poisoning himself by accident by eating the wrong plant… well, you can imagine where I’m going there. However, his experiences up to that point were nothing short of soul awakening for me I’d say. SEE THIS MOVIE. Of course, it doesn’t help my lack of desire to go back to the working world any more, but that’s okay. I’ve wanted to see this movie for some time after being told by many people on this trip that I should watch it. However, I’m just a touch ahead of myself on the blog front, so sit back, and allow me to roll the clock back a few hours and fill you in on my last half day in New Zealand.