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Introducing Team Cantrailia!

Hello dear friends. Well, as hard as it is to imagine, it’s been just over a week now that we’ve gotten back from Africa. So of course, you are all wondering where the heck are all the exciting stories about adventures in foreign lands, right? Well, fear not, for this post will be the first of many detailing all that happened in Tanzania on this trip of a lifetime. Yes, I consider it the trip of a lifetime as for me, it was on the life list. Summit Kilimanjaro while there is still snow on the peak. I’m happy to say that it was mission accomplished, but the journey to get there will be several blog posts in length, so you’ll have to hang in there over the next couple weeks while I write it all up 🙂 Before I could even contemplate writing about the trip, we first had to sort through all the pictures we took, and I also wanted to put together some of my custom GPS maps. So on the plus side, you don’t have to wait any longer to view the collection of pictures from the trip, or even peruse some of the maps that I created. Once you’ve done that, come on back and learn more about the trip.