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I’m an Uncle! It’s a Boy this Time!

Good day friends near and far. Although I’ve been waiting about a week to actually write up this post, I can assure you that the excitement has not died down one bit yet. On November 11th, 2009, at 11:31pm, the world welcomed Julien David Hill Meyer. And what a dramatic entrance this little fella made. Try these numbers on for size. First major contraction was at 10:20pm. Several more followed at 10:30, 10:38, and 10:42. At 11:15, it was decided they should head to the hospital. At 11:20, they were let into a room, and 11 short, amazing minutes later, out popped (quite literally I’d guess) Julien! How crazy is that? Read on for a few more thoughts on this special day. Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t have too many pictures to share with you all, but I’m sure that will change over the coming months.