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Takin’ Rock n’ Roll Train to get Thunderstruck in Montreal

Well hello there inter-nauts! This is just another short little post to assure you all once again that there is more to ActiveSteve than just training and racing 🙂 Last weekend I was lucky enough to head to Montreal with some friends to catch AC/DC in concert at the Olympic Stadium. That’s right, as with most things ActiveSteve, it’s go big or go home. Why go to a little show here when I can catch the venerable rock legends from the land down under? I’ve never been a super-big fan or anything, but I knew that these guys would put on a kick-ass show. After all, any group that can last over 30 years and still be rocking hard well into their 50’s is worth seeing, right? Of course, as with all my blog posts, I invite you all to check out the pictures and videos that I took over the course of the weekend. Once you’ve had your fill, come on back and read the rest of my post.