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Getting All I Want for Christmas

Well, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year all in one. Looks like I’m technically about 8-9% late on this one, so I had better at least write a quick little tale about what I got up to over the holidays! After all, it turns out I’m also two race reports behind as well, and by the looks of things, may very well be three race reports behind by the end of the weekend! Eek. My sincerest apologies to one and all. That being said, my reasons are good, and I do plan to rectify that and fill you in on my happenings, beginning with this little post. Every year, we make Christmas wishes for what we’d like, and this year, rather than really wish for any tangibles, my wish was more of a desire. Most importantly, it came true! You may remember in the last post where I talked about Deanna’s interview with a local law firm. As luck would have it, a mere few days later she got an offer… and accepted! This was in November, so from then on, it was scramble time to get ready for the move. For a few pics of Christmas, clicky the linky, then read on for a bit more colour around this!