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A Call to Arms… in a Kilt

Posing with Prize

G’day friends and fellow competitors. I’m here to tell you all the tale of my race at the Perth Kilt Run held last weekend. This is a Guinness World Records-setting event that I’ve been interested in trying out since it’s inception a few years back. It was the third annual, and located close enough to home that Deanna and I both wanted to take part. It also gave us a chance to do a little motorbike tour, and hit Merrickville and Smith’s Falls. I was also onsite to cover the event for Get Out There Magazine, and accordingly, put together my standard video race review. While wandering around and taking the sights in, I also managed to snap a few pictures to commemorate the day. While the Kilt Run is mainly a 5-mile road race, they also had a separate event called the Warrior Class division, which is what I registered myself in. For full details on the race and how I did, read on!