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Road Tripping to Become a Super Spartan!

At the Finish Line

Howdy folks. Well, after a nice 2 week break, I was back on the trail of another fun race to tackle for me and for Get Out There Magazine. I can honestly say that this program has been both a blessing and a curse for me. It’s great to not have to always pay for my own races and some of the gear that I’m using now, but the extra work I have to put in, coupled with the fact that I’m signing up for more big events than ever, tends to put a bit of a stress on me at times. However, all that vanishes whenever I toe the line and get the adrenalin and endorphins pumping for the day! The Mont Tremblant Super Spartan was no exception to that truism, and once again, I was very fortunate to have amazing weather smiling down on myself and all my fellow ‘warriors’. These obstacle races are all the rage and draw out huge crowds of varying abilities. This makes for a very charged atmosphere, but also tends to ramp up the tension and competitiveness felt by all! I didn’t take many pictures to speak of, but of course, I have a race review video that I pulled together. Once you’ve had a look at the video, come on back and read the rest of my post for details on my personal performance!

Technical Two-Wheel Training

Safe Stop

Hello adventure-loving friends. I have a really short and sweet blog post for you all. Between training, racing, and general fun-having with Deanna, it’s a wonder I ever find any time to try new things around here. However, much like trying my hand at snowboarding this winter, I have also decided it was high time to pick up a new summer activity as well. Any guesses? Well, I suppose the picture sort of spoils the surprise, doesn’t it? Yup! Motorcycle riding! The idea has been percolating in my noggin for some years now, but upon learning Deanna was also keen on the idea, we went ahead and pulled the trigger on this new pursuit. And as with all my activities, I don’t just dip my toe in the water, I dive right in. Before the snow had even fully melted, I had a helmet, jacket, gloves, and even secured my first motorcycle! All without even knowing how to ride a motorbike. For some pictures of my new ride, as well as some shots of me in training, head over to my flickr folder. Then, read on for a very brief summary of the process of getting my licence in Quebec, and where I’m at.