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Mission Accomplished! Twice Iron Through Determination

Receiving Bronze

Greetings friends! Let me get right into this race report. To summarize the events of the Iron-distance race that I just completed, it was the greatest challenge I have taken on when compared to all my races before. Not for the physicality of the race, but for the will needed to complete the event. Indeed, this race had almost nothing to do with the swimming, biking, and running, and everything to do with sheer determination, and the assistance of good friends willing to help me get to the finish line with their own spirits. Yup, it was that kind of a day folks. I’ve said before that you only get out of a race what you put into it, so I had not been expecting the best race ever, given my lack of preparation, but I got way more than I bargained for with this doozy. Please join me on my journey by reading through the remainder of this blog post. I will indeed try not to pontificate too much, but there is much to say. As usual, don’t forget to check out the pictures from the race, then read on for the rest!

For the Second Time, I am 50% Iron

Good day everyone! Well, a week has already passed, and I now realize that I haven’t written up a post about my most recent racing accomplishment. I’m sure by now some of you are getting bored reading all my race stories, but I feel a certain duty to write them up anyway. Think of them all as a snapshot in time for me,ActiveSteve . The most recent race was the Canadian half-iron distance triathlon that I raced here in Ottawa. It’s not the first time I’ve thrown my spandex in the ring for this one, and happily, I can report that I pulled off a personal best. Since that time, the weather has been absolutely magnificent here in the nation’s capital, so I’ve been more focused on being outside biking, running and hiking rather than typing away on my computer in the basement of the house. But without further ado, allow me to fill you in on race day and the results. I’ll try to keep it focused for you all, but no guarantees :-). For starters, you can check out the awesome pictures that Jody snapped of me on the course. You can also, as always, poke around on the race results to see it by the numbers. After your done with those, y’all come back now, and click the read link for more, okay?