And Now for Something Completely Different

Now that the snow is flying and people are thinking about spending more time indoors, you should all have time to read this blog post about my latest adventure in racing. As you may have read, I decided to try my hand at cyclocross racing! For those uninitiated, cyclocross is essentially a cross between biking, trail running, and a bit of obstacle navigation. For the most part, cyclocross racing takes place in spring and fall, and most races take part in parks. For this particular race, I was heading to Gemmill Park in Almonte. It was about an hour’s drive, and another reason I chose this race was because Crooked Mile Brewing just opened their doors a few weeks ago, so I’d get a chance to try their brews. But the main event was definitely the race, so let’s get to that! First off, let … Continue Reading ››

Rogaine… Not just for Hair!

Well would you look at that? Less than a week since my last race report, I'm here writing about another impromptu race that I signed up for over the weekend. Well, ok, to be fair, I actually signed up for it on Wednesday this time, so not totally last second, but still, if you'd asked me a week earlier what my plans were for the weekend, I would have said 'no plans'. The race in question this time? Challenge the Gats Rogaine. As a refresher, Rogaine stands for Rugged Outdoor GROUP Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance. In my case, essentially a 3-hour orienteering race. My group? Team Hyper-Active, consisting of Deanna and I. Yup, that's right, a husband and wife team of super outdoor fun! Read on for the nitty gritty. We entered with no particular expectations or goals (well, apart from the fact that I enter every race *hoping* … Continue Reading ››

A 21k Relentless Pursuit in the Woods

I can honestly say that I didn't think I'd be writing this blog post today, yet here I find myself once again writing up a race report. What's that you say? A race? I thought you were spending some time recovering or transitioning to winter sports and healing your foot? Well, you are right, but I had an itch. The plan was for the 125k UTHC to be my last running race of the season, but after a 2-week vacation, and not feeling completely exhausted yet, I opted to show up on race day and sign up for this race on a whim. Yes, I literally didn't decide to race until about 2 hours before the starting line! I had been toying with running the 10k, which started at 10am, but when I realized the 21k race started at 8am, I figured that would give me more free … Continue Reading ››

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