Back in the Land of Snow

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Click here for pics from the last 2 days in Buenos Aires and the flight home. Arrgh! Although I should be happy that we arrived back in Canada safe and sound, I can’t help but feel a little sad that I’m no longer living the life of a rich man in Argentina. The flights back were pretty routine. The only real snafu was Jody sadly lost the pendant on a nice necklace that she picked up while we were down there. It was a sad moment. The trip took us about 15 hours of total flying time, and a combined 2 hours of lay-overs in Santiago and Toronto. I used my last pesos to buy a couple beers and waters in Buenos Aires. I ended up spending all but about $5 US of all the money I had converted. Pretty good eh? The worst part of getting back to Ottawa was the arrival. We looked out as we were descending, thinking we were landing in fog. Turned out it was snow! Yup, it was snowing, and was about 3 degrees out. What a change. Too bad for me I had packed my only sweater and jacket in my bags. I had only a t-shirt on at the time. Luckily, Air Canada managed to get all our bags back to us this time, so I dug out a spare shirt and the jacket. After grabbing our bags, we got on the bus to go home. We figured we started the trip on the public bus, and would end it that way. Picked up the dog at 5, and had a crappy lunch of McDonalds. Yup, I survived the whole trip avoiding and Western excesses, only to land in Ottawa and head out for a Bacon Quarter Pounder. Well, at least it was tasty ;-). So ends our trip, and now you’ll have to start checking out all the pictures we took. Might take a while, but they’ll be worth it! Enjoy.

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