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Welcome to the page which will be used to acknowledge the genorosity of my sponsors. Thus far, I have no true sponsors, however, I do have some great supporters and suppliers I rely on! Also, through my involvement with Get Out There Magazine, I’ve been lucky enough to review and test lots of gear from the North Face, Osprey, Nathan, X-Bionic and others.

Those who know me can attest to the fact that I love my gear. I never purchase any equipment without thoroughly researching it. Being a multi-sport athlete is a very expensive endeavour. Each year I’ve been steadily increasing both my training and racing commitments. In the past years, my events have included branching out into international-level events such as BC Bike Race and the Whiteface 100 Leadville Qualifier. Future race interests include Southern Traverse, the Speights Coast to Coast, and Ironman New Zealand, as well as other international Adventure Races.

In the past, I’ve been more than happy to endorse all of the gear that I use openly. However, in the interest of trying to generate some interest in sponsorship, I’m going to hold off on any endorsements, in hopes that I might actually find some help along the way.


Bushtukah SiteBushtukah

As someone who buys a lot of gear. I have choices. Bushtukah is a local retailer that treats people in the AR and Tri community very well. Special events, special rates. I didn’t really go out of my way to ask for them, but I often benefit from them. They have one of the best selections of gear for all activities, so they’ve definitely become my ‘go-to’ outdoors store!

Cycle Logik LogoCyclelogik

Not only do I spin there, but they’ve been the source of some pretty sweet deals over the years. I consider them an ‘unofficial’ sponsor, since they always treat me well, without any formal arrangements. Mind you, these deals weren’t just for me, but they’re a store worth mentioning. Check them out for all your biking needs, be they triathlon-specific, road, or mountain.

BdeH Site
Bicyclettes de Hull

Bicycles and cycling gear are pretty important in almost everything I do, from Adventure Racing, to Triathlons to training, and even for my vacations, like my 4-month cycle tour of New Zealand. BdeH has provided me good service and extended me some nice deals on equipment, as well as to my team-mates.


My other, much better looking, half. We met at adventure races, so she pretty much understands why I do what I do :-). If it weren’t for her ongoing support, enduring my training and racing absences, I wouldn’t be able to do these things. Thanks. She has also been bitten by the bug as well, and we love to get out and train together whenever possible!


Kevin is ‘one of those guys’. You know, always willing to help out, and do what they can to help. In this case, he is hosting this website on his server, and provides invaluable technical support when I need it (along with Dave). Thanks guys!


I want to give a special shout out to Darcy, an Elite trainer at Good Life fitness. He’s been helping me by designing a strength program to help me while away the winter. Thanks Darcy! Fear not, I’m not slacking off.

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