Phase II Complete!

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Well, keeping the ball rolling, Jody and I completed Phase II of our basement renovation projects. Media Cabinet, check. Painting, check. With the carpet on its’ way, we had to get cracking on working on the next part of the project. We wanted to make sure we got all the ceiling, walls, doors and trim painted before the new carpet went down, that way we didn’t have to be nearly as careful. As a result we started the prep work on Friday night, and worked through till Sunday to get it all done. Never one to do things half-assed, we started off by filling in all the old holes and sanding everything smooth so that the paint would stick well. We also taped off the critical things, so as not to bung things up too badly during the paint process.

Then, we hit all the surfaces with two coats of our paint (Behr Premium Plus – color Raffia Cream for those interested). One might have been okay, but two coats on the walls just made it that much nicer, and presumably more durable. After that, the baseboards and doors were all given two coats of glossy white paint. The end result is quite stunning, and should be even better once the new carpet goes in.

I also managed to rip up all the carpeting last night (Tuesday) and finish the trim around the media cabinet. If you want to see more pics of the renovation in progress, mosey on over to our photo sets and check out the basement renovation set.

Another part of the prep before carpet goes down was to cut up the 4×8 sheets of MDF and Oak plywood that I bought for the bar. The rec room is the only room big enough to work on material that size. Lucky for me, Kev was able to pop by for about 2 hours, and we got a lot of that done. Tonight I can work on getting the laminate put down. But that will be a separate post 🙂 Of course, this all has to be wrapped up before Jody and I head out to New York tomorrow night…

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