First Step Complete!

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G’day folks. Well, as you can see by the picture, the first step on our basement renovation is essentially completed! Last night at 10pm, I finished building the media cabinet that is built into the wall in the rec room. A while ago Jody and I decided that this fall / winter would be the time we finally renovate the basement. We spend 80% of our time there, so we figure it will be money well spent. The master plan calls for new paint, new carpet, new couch, built in media centre for home theatre stuff, installation of laminate in bar area, and finally the piece de resistance, my new oak bar!

We’ve got the ball heavily rolling now. We ordered our carpet, ordered our couch, bought the paint, bought the bar materials, and as you can see, I’ve built the cabinet. If you’d like to see other pictures of the project, head on over to our flickr sets and check out the basement renovation shots. I’ll update it as we go along.

Kevin has graciously offered to help, as he so often does, and I already took advantage of that last weekend as we came back from Jim’s cabin [in progress]. This weekend, we’ll be prepping and painting the basement walls, and hopefully get all the old carpet ripped out as well. After that, hopefully Giant Carpet will come to install the carpet. I’ll do the laminate myself, since it’s just a 9’x6′ area in the back.

The most exciting part though will be building my bar. I’ve already picked up the clear red oak which I’ll be building it from. If you want an idea what I’m building, check out some pictures on-line from the plan I ordered. Click on the ‘photos’ button to see other peoples’ results. I’ll be building mine with a dry-sink, since I don’t want the hassle of trying to run water pipes and a drain to it. Especially seeing as there’s a sink not 7 feet away already! Anyway, stay tuned for lots more as I work on these projects.

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