‘Tis the Season…

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Well, it’s that time of the year, isn’t it? Office Christmas parties. This year, as a result of vaious things, I’m ‘lucky’ enough to attend 5 different events work-related. First, there was a luncheon at the Keg in the Market for all the employees under my executive director. Decent food and a few drinks, with nothing too outrageous taking place. Second event was a CRTC-wide Christmas party held, of all places, at the Legion over in Hull! The food again was good, and there was a fun band. The odd part about this party was that it is attended by mainly Broadcasting people from the CRTC (95% of the attendees). What does that mean? Well, I didn’t really know anyone, and it was on a work night, so Jody and I didn’t stay too long. Next up was Jody’s work party, which was held at the Rideau Club! Hoity toity, fancy schmancy, say what you will, either way you look at it, Suit and Tie is required. That doesn’t mean they stay on all night though! Like last year, this party turned out to be a spectacle of people getting progressively ‘tipsier’ as the night wore on. Now this is what I call and office Christmas party! I’ve put some of the pictures up on flickr, but some, out of respect for the people I didn’t know, were left out! I had originally planned not to drink too much, since Kev and I were planning to go snowshoeing the next morning. However, all that changed when Jody accidentally knocked a full glass of beer (not unlike the one in this picture) all over my suit! Since I smelled like a brewery, I decided I might as well play the part. Needless to say, we closed the party, and there was much bellowing, singing, and dancing. Luckily, we went home at a reasonable hour, and I got enough sleep to go exercising the next morning.

Next up: Skating Luncheon with the whole Telecom directorate at the CRTC. Again, this is a mid-day affair, with work people, where you need to keep a semblance of respect. We do this one each year, going to the RA centre for a buffet followed by an hour of ice time. It’s pretty fun, but not what I call a real ‘office party’. I should probably also mention that all of my office parties are gov’t things, and as such, you’ll be happy to know, the money comes out of our own pockets. So I’ve spent a pile just on these lame parties. Oh well, at least I get fed. I guess the quintessential office party is just like what they had on ‘The Office’. Much booze and lots of bad decisions. I now have only one office party left, and I’m the one organizing it, so there’s hope for this one. I’m putting together a lunch and pub crawl for my group, and if it’s anything like last year, we’ll probably get kicked out of a few bars again. Ha ha. It happens to coincide with my director’s 50th birthday as well, and he’s pretty pumped about boozing hard, so who knows what’ll happen. Last year, he didn’t make it to work until noon. Oops. Anyway, Merry Christmas, and may all your work parties be fun!

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