Beer Blasters Aren’t Easy…

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So Jody and I ended up hosting a smallish Christmas gathering this past weekend. We just wanted a chance to see everyone once more before the holidays and heading off to Cuba. We just made it an afternoon gathering with munchies (way too many munchies….), muzak, and a little gift exchange game. The usual suspects were present, altough there were very few really bad ideas put forth. The only things that came close was courtesy of Darcy. For the gift exchange, Darce was kind enough to re-gift a beer blaster, which, lucky for all of us, was chosen by Kevin. Funny enough, Kevin didn’t actually know what it was before. He looked in the package, and didn’t know what it was, so he avoided it on his turn. Because of this, I figured it wasn’t anything good, and skipped it as well. Had I known…. I’d be the proud owner of a beer blaster instead of a plastic flying saucer! Although in the end, Kev donated it to my bar, commenting that the only time he’d probably use it would be at my place anyway :-).

But I digress, as the title of this post implies, Kev had to try his hand at downing a beer with the blaster. To make things easier, I gave him a Lucky Lager to use. I mean, it’s Lucky, so it should work, right? Anywho, Rob and I instructed Kev as to the proper technique to employ, and a crowd formed. Kev started feeling a bit nervous with all those eyes on him. He didn’t disappoint though. As predicted, he failed his attempt, resulting in the delightful tingle of beer up his nose and all over his face, and with a half-full bottle of Lucky. I didn’t want to leave it at that, so I convinced a very hung-over Rob that he had to prove to Kev that we weren’t kidding about it. True to form, Bobby killed his beer in one fluid motion. A grin crept across his face and he whispered to me “This is making me want to drink more…”. Ahh Rob, you never disappoint 🙂

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