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Happy February everyone! I barely realized that today was the start of another new month down here in New Zealand. As a result, I’ve celebrated by running around naked in the Tasman Sea! Yup, it looks like I may have to change the rating on my site for mature audiences only. Sorry folks, I just had to do it. I wasn’t sure when I’d have the opportunity to do my naked mile, but today, an opportunity sort of presented itself on a deserted cove and beach for me. This was another one of my famous ‘rest days’, where I get up and spend the day hiking and biking for fun, rather than purpose. There were several hiking trails around this area, and great beaches, so that’s what I did today. I carried my GPS around with me for a lot of the day, so I have another map for you with lots of pictures to check out. As well, if you’d like to hear more about the origins of the thumbnail you see… read on!

The first thing I decided I would tackle today was a 4 hour loop track that would take me along a couple of the local rivers, and take me through the sub-tropical rainforests of the area. The track was relatively easy, and it actually only took me about 2 hours. Go figure. Nonetheless, it was a great little hike, and I got to hike through some pretty sweet limestone cliff gorges to get through it. I also had to do a river crossing, but it was only thigh deep, so I was fine. At one point I started passing all sorts of people dressed in button-up type shirts, and that’s when I finally clued in that this wasn’t a true tramping track, but more of just a walk. Oh well. Probably just as well to aid in my active recovery for the day.

Once I finished the track, I headed to a cafe for a plate of wedges and sour cream, along with having had a couple slices of my super bread that I bought from the hostel. Once done with the lunch, I was ready to tackle another track, called the Truman Track, which takes you again through the rainforest like terrain, but pops you out on the rugged coastline. It was a short track, and I coincided my journey with low tide, which gave me the opportunity to do some cragging and shore walking. My hostel owner had mentioned that if it is low tide, you can get to some more obscure beaches and coves by navigating through some caves and pseudo-tunnels in the area. I was all game for that, and set on my way.

Of course, this is the scene of my little photo that I took and posted here. In the third cove/beach, I had the feeling that I was alone enough to warrant me frolicking a bit in the buff. Now I’m no nudist, but there’s just something liberating about running around in nature with no clothes on, isn’t there? Now, those of you astute enough may wonder what I was doing running into the riptide. Well, fear not, I didn’t actually venture into the water, because that would have basically been suicide. It’s just that dangerous around there. However, I had my fun, and put my clothes back on in short order. Partly because I wasn’t the only one around there! Yeah, another couple from the hostel had been given the same ‘secret tips’, and were there at the same time as me. However, they had left, and I risked it before someone else showed up.

After my fun times, I headed back to the hostel to get all my gear lined up for tomorrow’s ride, and to fetch an ice cream and Powerade. I also made plans to go for a beer with an Israeli cyclist that I’d met earlier in Nelson and who ended up at my hostel at the same time. Instead, we ended up picking up a 6-pack at the local tavern and enjoying them in the Spa. Afterwards, we headed back to the pub for supper, and now I find myself here just after 10pm finishing off the rest of the beer and writing this post. And you know what? I’m tired of writing, and should head to bed, so I’ll sign off now. Hopefully I haven’t traumatized anyone too much with my risque picture 😉 Hope all is well in the chilly world of Canada. Don’t worry, you’ve only got about a month and a half left of winter! Later kids!

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