Apologies for the Delays

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Hey gang. Just thought I’d make a quick blog post to let you know that I’m alive and well, but sadly, the blog posts haven’t been uploaded. On the plus side, you can check out the hundreds of photos that I’ve managed to upload while in Queenstown.

Rest assured, I’ve already got 4 posts and 4 maps set to go, but it’ll have to wait. At the moment, I’m in Glenorchy with just my day pack, about to do a 3-4 day tramping track called the Rees-Dart, along with the Cascade Saddle. Normally, they say it takes 4-5 for just Rees-Dart, but my plan is to do the main track in 2 days, and tack on an extra day to do a high alpine pass called the Cascade Saddle.

As you might guess, I have no computer here. When I was trying to upload the latest posts and maps, there was a problem with my server provider’s facilities, so the site was down periodically. Hopefully that’s straightened out, and when I get back to Queenstown, I’ll get the posts up, and maybe have another one for you to enjoy. Till then, enjoy all the pics!

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