Slow Wet Ride to Owaka

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Hello, all my global friends. Isn’t it odd that I’m writing a post on the 29th of February? Good old leap year. Only comes once every four years, and this happens to be one of those years, so there you have it kids, my Feb. 29th post. Hopefully not too many babies are born today, as it would sure suck to only get presents once every four years, wouldn’t it? Lucky for me, I don’t have a whole lot to write about today, as it was another one of the now-familiar Catlins rainy days for me. Due mainly to my departure time, I basically had rain most of the day in some form or another. It was a bit frustrating, as it would slow down for a bit, and I’d try to take off my jacket, and then the rain would pick back up to full force, forcing me to put it back on. Oh well, I’m getting used to all the different types of weather and riding conditions, so it really doesn’t bother me too much anymore. My ride today was from Curio Bay to Owaka, which is 1/3rd of the way to Dunedin. One more stop in Milton, and I’ll be in Dunedin. Read on for today’s story, and remember the map, etc.

I woke up to the delicate sound of rain pitter-pattering against my bedroom window. Oh joy I thought. Oh well, I had sort of guessed I’d get rain, as the next couple days is calling for rain. In fact, the radio just told me that I may be in for some delightful thundershowers for my ride to Milton. Yippee. Anyway, back at Curio Bay. I packed up my stuff and loaded the trailer in the comfort and dryness of the garage, which was great. I had no food for breakfast, so I just hit the road with the hopes of finding something before too long. I figured that either Blue Cod Blues or the Niagra Falls Cafe would be open. I was in luck, as the Niagra Falls Cafe was indeed open for business, so I had the ‘Southern Boy’ breakfast of bacon, eggs, a sausage, and toast. Yum. That would have to keep me going until Paptowai for lunch.

My speed seemed pretty sub-par today, as it did the other day. I’m not sure what’s going on. I guess maybe I’m just a little bit worn out by this point in my trip. I’m still able to get the job done every day, but it does seem to take me a little longer than it should these days. Even though I was on the Southern Scenic Route today, I was not likely to get to see a lot of the great sights, as there were far too many clouds and fog to allow me to see it all. Not only that, but I was unlikely to try my hand at too many of the little side trails, as I was in no mood to take 30 minute walks only to see nothing. In spite of that there were a few choice views to be seen anyway, as you can see by the picture accompanying this post. The rain and fog actually made some of the scenery more moody and interesting.

The one unfortunate part of the day came when I got to Cathedral Caves, which is supposedly a spectacular place to visit at low tide. The problem for me was that low tide was 2.5 hours away, and I didn’t feel like sitting and shivering in the rain waiting for the gate to open. So, I reluctantly pedalled away, knowing that I was leaving a pretty cool place without actually getting to see the best of the view. Well, I guess that’s just another reason that I’ll have to come back to this great country, isn’t it? From this place, there were only another couple spots to check out, and unfortunately they were all waterfalls, and mostly 30minute walks away, so I skipped them as well. The only spot I checked out was Wilkie lake, which was a lookout point over a lake far below. It was pretty nice, but nothing that amazing.

I was relieved to finally make my way into Owaka, which is a pretty small little town, with no Internet to speak of, but the Backpackers is pretty nice and is quiet. I’m anticipating a nice quiet night, after having a feast of pasta, garlic bread and pineapples. That’s it that’s all for now, as my keyboard batteries are finally dying, and I have no more replacements, and there’s nothing more to really tell you about anyway. Not a terrible day, but not a great day. I’m still here, and still pedalling, and that’s the way things will continue for another few weeks before I finally hang up my bike shoes for a week or two and have a proper vacation. 🙂 Till then, stay tuned for more fun stories!

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