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Hey gang! Well, I’m slowly making my transition into my humdrum existence back here in Ottawa. Understandably, I’m having a bit of a challenge finding my focus again, but it’s coming. As I decide what my upcoming racing and traveling plans are, I’ll share them. Looking at my ‘countdown’ is depressing, since I have nothing to look forward to at the moment! However, for now, I can still be happy with the fact that I’ve put together my ‘best of’ pictures of both the North and South Island. It was a tough cull, and I still ended up with 1756 pictures, but at least I did a first sort. These are all up in full resolution should you wish to use them as wallpaper 🙂 Up next: getting the NZ ‘Mega-Maps’ done. I think I’ll do North and South separate. Otherwise, the files get pretty unwieldy. Without further ado, please check out the following links:
Best of North Island Pictures
Best of South Island Pictures

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