Ahh Canadian Winters

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You know, for all the complaining people do about how cold and miserable the winters are around here, I must disagree with them. Take for instance a great weekend that I had on Jan 21-22nd. That weekend had all the trappings of a classic Canadian winter outing. A group of 13 of us guys got together to snowshoe out to Jim Doucette’s property out by Calabogie Peaks for a night of Poker, Cigars, beans and booze. What could possibly make for a better outing I ask you? The cabin, although not completed yet, was plenty comfortable for us. I hauled out a proper poker table, and Jim brought out a ton of food. To make the outing even better, Mother Nature blessed us with a dump of like 25cm of fresh snow. Were it not for that, it might have been a slush-fest. Instead, however, we were treated to a nice peaceful trek in the snow (and of course an associated shovelling of a path to the outhouse!). When we got out there, Jim put Darcy, Kevin and myself to work getting things ready for the rest of the crew. Once 3 other people showed up, I declared a shift change, and the 3 of us went out for a great little snowshoe around the area. Kev took a bunch of pictures throughout the weekend, and you can check them all out in his Calabogie Poker Night set.
To make a great weekend even better, I managed to win the poker tourney! My first win, so I’m finally in the black for my gambling habit of poker. All in all, it was a red-letter weekend for Steve. I won the Poker tourney, I won the ‘pissing contest’, and I won the ‘awake the longest’ award. Darcy was up later, but that was of course due to the 3+ hour ‘nap’ he took after polishing off a whole lot of rum! Kudos to Jim for having us out, and I’m sure looking forward to doing it again! Man, was it ever warm up in that loft. Plus, we’re still waiting on the “30 seconds to the top of the ropes” demo by Jim.

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