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Hello out there! Welcome back to another short chapter in the exciting world of ActiveSteve. This is yet another blog post to fill you all in on what is happening in the exciting world or wrecked knee Meyer. When last you checked in, I believe I let you all know that I was awaiting the results from my Xrays and MRIs , which were hopefully going to once and for all let me know where I stood as far as racing this summer went. As you can well imagine,ActiveSteve doesn’t function all that well when he can’t put his feet to the roads or the trails in an attempt to recapture glory on the podium. And he had high hopes for doing so this year, after working diligently at improving his cycling. Hey! Why am I referring to myself in the 3rd person? I dunno, I suppose sub-consciously it means I haven’t come to grips with it? To what do I refer here? Well, you’ll just have to read on and find out!

Bone Marrow Edema! Well, that’s what a doctor has informed me anyway. Now, as to exactly what that means, I didn’t really get an answer. You see, she was simply reading the chart that was sent back to her from the results of my MRI. Basically, the ‘experts’ interpret the picture, and send it back to the doctor, who can apparently then make a referral. The referral? Well, I’m now waiting for an appointment to see either one of two orthopedic surgeons at the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Surgeons? So should I expect surgery? Unknown? Should I stay off the knee? Unknown?

And just how long will this take? Well, apparently, much shorter than it used to take. Isn’t that re-assuring? I just called to check, and I was told the good doctors are booking for the end of July! Son of a! My search for further information on the doctors didn’t really reveal much, except for one interesting article which alludes to the fact that these guys usually only see patients who are up for full knee replacements?!!? Read the article for yourself if you’re interested. Obviously, I could be one of the people that it isn’t for, but all I can say is that at this point, I fully expect someone to cut me open and have a look, because the odd bulges sticking out of my knee certainly don’t appear to be something that physiotherapy will solve.

As to Bone Marrow Edema itself. Well, happy Googling on that one as well. I’m no slouch when it comes to research, but I haven’t really uncovered anything terribly enlightening on this condition yet. All I can say is that the Xrays and MRI did point to the fact that there is no ligament damage or cracked or broken bones. To me, that would indicate that trauma may not be a factor here, and unfortunately, it would seem to me that Arthritis of one form or another would be the other logical explanation, which was floated to me in the past (Osteo- or Rheumatoid-). Of course, that doesn’t sound fun either, and generally makes me a touch on the grumpy side. Am I destined to give up the activities I so love, and delve back into rock and roll and boozin ‘ and video games? Well, that wouldn’t be all bad I suppose, but given the lifestyle changes that I’ve gone through, it would seem a regressive step!

Oh well, I could go on about this, and seek more sympathy, but that’s counterproductive. I’m not one to be sidelined too easily and have resolved to do what I can in the meantime. To date, that has meant keeping up on the biking, and getting out paddling more than I used to. I’ll keep stepping those up, and also try to force myself to work out as well, and just not run. I’ll be honest though, I doubt I can resist the allure of racing. I’ve already decided (short of medical intervention) that I’ll do a few races, and just suffer the pain. I’ve got a call in to the doc to discuss the pros/cons. If I’m told I’m not really going to damage myself further, than I’ll just grin and bear it. If I’m told I’m just destroying my knee further, well, I’ll have to reconsider. All I know is that this summer certainly isn’t shaping up to be the summer I’d hoped for. Wish me luck folks!

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