Biking for Bucks, Charity Style

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Howy folks. Nope, I don’t have a huge exciting blog post for you, but I just realized I’m only a week and a half away from the CN Cycle for CHEO Tour, and haven’t gotten off my butt and started fundraising yet 🙂 Each year, I try to do at least one charity race. Normally, that’s the 48hour Quest for a Cure adventure race supporting the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Unfortunately, this year I’ll be in BC racing in another race at the same time, so I had to find an alternative. This year, I’ll be riding 70km in the CN Cycle for CHEO, in support of, obviously, CHEO, as well as Ronald McDonald House and the Candlelighters.

If you’d like to sponsor me (any amount would be greatly appreciated), just head on over to my personal donation page. Donations can be made in any amount, and you’ll obviously get a tax receipt (for amounts $10 and up). I know, it’s not exactly the same as suffering for 48 hours straight as I’ve done in the past, nor am I riding for days on end, but the cause is still an excellent one, and every penny counts. CHEO helps countless families every year, and they’re always looking for support. This idea was actually Jody’s, so I’ve let her get a jump on me in the fundraising, but she’s been mainly targeting the ladies, so fellas… why not sponsor me? 😉

If you’d actually rather take part yourself, feel free to read more about the event. They have events ranging from 2k runs to the 70k ride I’m doing.

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