Apologies for the Delay

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Howdy folks. Just a quick little note to say I’m sorry that I’ve been tardy in posting my full race report from Boston! It’s hard to imagine, but it’s already been 2 weeks since I crossed that one off my athletic bucket list 🙂 Sadly, still no post for you. I’ve sort of been waiting to get all my ‘official’ race photos that I paid for before posting anything. In the meantime though, you can browse through the set of pictures that I took myself while running the race. You can also check out pictures from touring around Boston. As a final bonus, you can even check out the map that I made of my run using my GPS and the pictures I snapped on the course. Hopefully those will at least tide some of you over until I can properly put the experience into words :-). Till then, thanks for checking in!

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