Jody Joins the Masters…

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Well, another weekend has gone by, and what a busy one it was. Love of my life Jody has finally caught up to me as far as decades go. Yup, Jody has joined the masters club by turning 30 last week. The celebrating started on Thursday, and didn’t stop until Sunday night. What a lucky lady! As a result of my second job, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to spend Thursday evening with Jody, so she made her own plans. She chose to take the bus to the cosmopolitan city of Montreal for the day. Personally, I don’t see how the shopping is any better in Montreal, but apparently the ladies see it another way. She had a full day there, and even made it back in time for us to watch Survivor. Then it was off to bed early to get ready for a fun weekend. Jody actually opted to take both Thursday and Friday off, to properly give herself time to get used to the idea of being 30. Sadly, I had to toil away in the salt mines at work, then go home and put in extra time on the laptop, even on Friday. Such is life though.

The bonus of having the extra income was the fact that I was able to treat Jody to a really special birthday present. What was this great thing you ask? Well, say hello to the Pentax *ist DL2, Jody’s new toy, a digital SLR. I decided that such a big birthday deserved a fancy gift, and taking pictures is one of her biggest hobbies, so I’ve decided to push her into really learning how to capitalize on her new passion. Hopefully, in the near future, you’ll start seeing some fancy new pictures on our flickr site taken with it, especially once we both figure out how to really use it. The first big test will be in Argentina in a few weeks. Now, back to the weekend.

So, Friday, Jody and her cousin got to hang out and go for a nice lunch. Nothing too crazy, but apparently much better than spending the day at work. Jody’d already gotten the word that she had to be ready to head out Saturday morning at about 10:15am, when Alix was picking her up for a special day with some of the ladies. Although I wasn’t invited, they apparently had a lovely brunch at Soupe Herbe in Chelsea, then headed over to Le Nordiq Scandinavian Spa for a relaxing afternoon of baths, steam rooms and such. While the ladies were out for the day, Matt and Rob came over for the ‘man spa’, which equates to beer, meat sticks and video games! Rob had to leave at around 1pm, which gave Matt and I a chance to duck out and buy decorations, and get the house ready for Jody’s party that night.

I also took advantage of this event to buy a cake for the party. Yup, I finally clued in and got a cake for Jody. For the past couple years, I’ve made the mistake of not getting a cake, assuming it wasn’t a big deal to her, since it never was to me. I was wrong though, and every year I got in shit for not getting a cake. I wasn’t making that mistake again. So, I hooked Jody up with a ¼ slab Black Forest cake, enough for 15-20 people. Yum yum. Saturday night was party night, and we had a nice relaxed night with good friends and family who came out to wish Jody well. Things stayed pretty much under control, and surprisingly, the party wrapped up around 1am. I stayed up a bit later, watching a movie and cleaning up, but it ended up being a really nice night to celebrate my favourite gal!

Well, one more day of celebration for Jody was in line for Sunday. We lazed around for most of the day, with Jody running errands while I did a bit of work. The weekend was wrapping up with a soiree for Jody at a great swiss restaurant, the Meule et Caquelon in Gatineau. What better way to wrap up the night with big hunks of cheese and meat, right? There was another great turn-out, with some familiar faces from the other weekend’s festivities, as well as a few new players. I spent the meal trying to get some pictures of everyone for the flickr site, while Jody played social butterfly catching up with everyone. General comments from most that attended was that they really liked this restaurant and would take others there. The great part is that you cook your own food, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and social. It didn’t hurt that your are told to bring your own wine and there are no corkage fees. Of course, that meant that poor Trevor couldn’t order a beer, but I guess not everyone can be happy all the time, right Trev? I’ll read the fine print next time, big guy!

All in all, I had a great weekend, and I’m pretty sure that Jody will remember this weekend for a long time to come. My goal was to make sure that Jody was well rested and relaxed, and that she could see how much I care for her. Jody’s always taken great pains to give me great birthday parties, so it was the least I could do. I’d like to thank everyone for making the job easy for me. Here’s looking to the next 10 years, so that we can all get together again and reminisce about all this at our 40th birthdays, right?!

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