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Well, just by fluke, I happened upon an email I sent out a while ago after my 30th Birthday Party. After celebrating Jody’s 30th over the past weekend, I thought I’d post this one on the blog, in order to properly archive it, as well as re-live it a bit. The party took place over the July 1st weekend, in spite of my actual Birthday being in May. This was mainly due to the multiple races I had lined up in June, and the fact that we had guests coming up for the weekend that I really wanted to share the fun with. Enjoy, and if you want to check out some pictures from that life-changing weekend, head on over to Kev’s folder on flickr. For some reason, we don’t have any pictures on our site from that party. Weird… I’ll have to get the chief archivist to look into that…

Good Morning All!

Well, as I sit here in my comfortable cubicle, I can’t help but give my thanks for a few things. First, I guess I’m glad the weekend ended… otherwise, there’s no telling what would have happened 🙂

But in all seriousness, I wanted to send out a message to everyone who came out to celebrate my birthday with me on the weekend. At one point everyone sang Happy Birthday on the deck (while I was in mid lighting repair), and asked for a speech, which I didn’t really deliver. I figured I’d be much more coherent now, and you’ll all see it, so here it is… Thanks so much for coming out to join the fun! I only turned 30 twice, and this was the right way to do it. With a big pile of friends, liquid libations, and some gorgeous weather. I’ve said this plenty times before, but it’s always true, friends are family, and family is everything, right? Without such a great group of friends I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as happy or full of energy. Thanks for being you, and for putting up with me! In the ensuing madness of the party, I’m pretty sure I got to see and talk to everyone who was there for a little bit, but I know I tend to be all over the place. It was great seeing some of you that I haven’t seen in a long time, and to have most of the ‘old crew’ back together for another foggy night.

Ahh, the cold Jager shots, the lawn bowling, the dog walking, the video games, the 1 am jam, the stupid party tricks, the home-made games (TableSmash!), the dance-r-cizing on the deck and in the house, the liquor spilling and bottle smashing, the 4:20am smoke detector going off from my stove-top popcorn making (!), the great ‘remember when’ stories (which are often so hard to remember), the crazy random pictures, and even the snoring random passed-out people! I have so many fond memories already of the night. I’m also glad to report that although I’ve now joined the ‘masters club’, I’m still a very capable partier! The final tally was Matt and I still up well after 5am, when we finally called a truce, and that sleep was in order. The house and yard have survived pretty much intact, although I’ve yet to sweep, mop and vacuum, but that’s for tonight. After all, we had to go for a round of disc golf at Jacques Cartier and then head to Lac Meech for a dip yesterday, to cure the hangover.

If any of you are missing articles of clothing, cameras, prosthetic devices, your sense of right and wrong, etc. etc., just drop us a note, we’ll have them all set aside. Left booze, found money and empties for deposit go to the house! If you’ve got pictures of the night, feel free to share them with all. I’m always interested in seeing what I can’t remember!

I’d also like to tip a large hat in the direction of our organizer extraordinaire, and world’s best gal to boot, thank you so much Jody for everything you did in preparation for this party. You sure know how to make a guy feel lucky and loved. I’m not sure what I did to deserve so much, but I hope I can continue tricking you until my 40th, ‘cuz it can only get bigger, right? You’re the best!

Alright, it looks like old man Meyer is rambling now, so I’ll just close off by saying thanks again, and you’re all welcome back any time to join me for a cold beer on the deck (yes, even you drunken, crazy, raving, lunatic-like people, – remember, I’m one of you!). I didn’t have a few emails when I wrote this, so feel free to share with friends and/or relatives that may have been with you.

from the newest ‘master’,

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