Location: Santiago, Chile – 11:40am October 20th

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Well, the over-nighter was okay. Popped a Robaxacet in hopes of sleeping soundly. Didn’t, though. Asked for beef, ran out, had chicken (Ice Cream made up for that though). Asked for Cranberry juice, they had none, settled for a bottle of White Wine. Oh well. Hoped for Nacho Libre 1st, got the Notebook. Oh well. At least ‘Deception Point’ by Dan Brown is good. Flight time: about 10.5 hours.

Sitting in airport. I can now say I’ve been to Chile. If you asked me whas I did there, I’d answer, Walked down a hall, through security up some stairs, down another hall, through the duty-free area, to end up here, sitting and waiting for re-boarding. On the plus side, it’s gorgeous outside. Scored prime seats on the plane, giving us awesome views of the Andes, including the very impressive 6,962m Aconagua (the highest mountain in the Americas). We’ll be much closer to it in our 2nd week, while @ Mendoza. Planning to hike in its magnificent shadows. That’s it till Argentina!!

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