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Location: Hostel Estoril – 8:52pm, October 20th

Click here for photos from this day. End of first long day in Argentina. It’s been an interesting one, culminating in me sitting in a bean-bag chair working on my 3.40 peso beer – A delicious 1 liter bottle Quilmes Cristal. That works out to about $1.25 CDN. That’s more like it! In the room, a german, couple Scots, and a Dutch guy, all enjoying a couple bottles of red wine. Flashback to arrival in BsAs. No problem getting through customs. Off to baggage claim. World’s slowest conveyor belt. Time passes. I finally get my backpack. Wait another eternity, no 2nd backpack! Oh shit. Yup, somehow, Jody’s bag never made it. Bad news. Sadly, not a hell of a lot we can do. Report is filed, but I’m not holding my breath.

Location: Santiago, Chile – 11:40am October 20th

Well, the over-nighter was okay. Popped a Robaxacet in hopes of sleeping soundly. Didn’t, though. Asked for beef, ran out, had chicken (Ice Cream made up for that though). Asked for Cranberry juice, they had none, settled for a bottle of White Wine. Oh well. Hoped for Nacho Libre 1st, got the Notebook. Oh well. At least ‘Deception Point’ by Dan Brown is good. Flight time: about 10.5 hours.

Sitting in airport. I can now say I’ve been to Chile. If you asked me whas I did there, I’d answer, Walked down a hall, through security up some stairs, down another hall, through the duty-free area, to end up here, sitting and waiting for re-boarding. On the plus side, it’s gorgeous outside. Scored prime seats on the plane, giving us awesome views of the Andes, including the very impressive 6,962m Aconagua (the highest mountain in the Americas).

Toronto – 9:24pm, October 19th

Bored. Snapped a few pics in the airport. 3 hour layovers in terminal 1 are toooo looong. Happily the Red Rocket supplies us with beer. 2 pints of Rickards – an outlandish $19 after tax and hefty tip (hey, I’m on vacation and happy). Looking forward to $3 bottles of Argentine Red!! Next up, the hung for Chester Cheetah’s Cheese Corn! Rumour has it that Nacho Libre is slotted for the next flight. THe Notebook is also on tap, but luckily, it’s later on so I won’t have to stay up.

Ottawa – 5:37pm October 19th

Sitting in Nate’s in the Ottawa airport waiting for flight.
Last Canadian meal before beef time!
Dreary weather is looking in on us from the outside world. Overcast and the like.
I’m peering out at a robin’s-egg blue Air Canada plane at gate 17. Ours is next to it.
C-GJWO is our equipment. Airbus 319. Looks air-worthy. We’ve got about 1:15 till lift-off 0:45 till we board.
Update: there was a gate change, we were actually at Gate 15. Don’t know what the tail ID was. Sorry kev.

Welcome to the Flash Blog…

Howdy all, Steve here, reporting from the Hostel Estoril in Buenos Aires. I’ve made an executive decision as to how I’ll keep you posted while we’re over here. Flash blogs. Meaning, just short little posts filling you in on the basics, and some of my thoughts. Hope you’ll understand my brevity. There are better things to do than write on a machine. But thankfully, for the time being, the hostel has hooked me up with free access to updated the blog. The posts will be pretty much straight translations from my notebook, where I’m organizing my thoughts. When I get back, I’ll update these with pictures too hopefully. On we go…