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Cyclones, Sickness, and Sunny Days

Well, another day has passed, and certainly not any less interesting than the past few for me. It seems that wherever I go, interesting things will follow me. When I last wrote, I was reporting from the Sunrise Lagoon Resort, where we had been storm stayed as a result of the cyclone that had just passed through. Well, not only were we stuck there, the boats travelling between the islands had actually been canelled as well, so even if I wanted to go somewhere, there was no way for me to move around anyway. Not only that, but my nagging illness wasn’t going away either, and it seems to follow me in waves, with hours of feeling okay, followed by hours of feeling totally crappy. Those crappy hours are increasingly annoying, and has resulted in people offering me all sorts of medications and remedies from their homelands. I’ve accepted a few, but none seem to actually be doing me any good yet. Besides that unfortunate stuff, read on for more tales of fun from Fiji with ActiveSteve!

A Day Makes a Difference

Well, when I last wrote, I was telling you all about my first day in Fiji and the experiences that it held for me. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly for me, in spite of the fact that I had minimal sleep in the first 24 hours. Day two broke early for me, and I took a stroll around the hostel in the early morning light, after heavy evening showers. I felt pretty good, having finally gotten a night’s sleep, and was looking forward to hitting the Islands that were the main part of my Fiji adventure. On my stroll, I happened across the marine forecast to Fiji. Uh-oh. Cyclone warning. Cyclone Daman in particular, the first such storm hitting Fiji for the 07-08 storm season, which had just begun. The forecast called for rain for the next few days. However, as I would soon find out, that was just the beginning of my troubles for day 2. Read on for exciting news from days 2 and 3.

A Lifetime in a Day

Wow! What an amazing day I’ve already had in Fiji, and with no sleep either. Our flight landed at 5am this morning, when I promptly found out I had no bike, and would have no way to track it over the next week while I was out in the Yasawa Islands. Oh well, what can you do, right? I went to the tourist counter to get my tour vouchers. Everything else was in order, which meant I could at least move on with my life for the next while. From here, the day got really awesome, read on friends…

Long LAX Layover…

Well, here I am, blogging to you live from the very boring LAX Terminal 2 lounge. The time here is 19:21, which is already 22:21 your time. I left for the airport in Ottawa quite a while ago already, yet have many more miles to journey before I get to Nadi, Fiji. My flight leaves here at 22:15, and it’ll be after 6am on Wednesday before I finally reach my final destination. To get there, I travelled west only. You know what the funny thing is? Well, to get to LA, I’ve travelled “back” in time 3 hours, but ther further I fly west, I’ll eventually flip forward in time, landing on the other side of the international date line. Weird stuff, isn’t it? Let’s flip back to earlier today, and you can catch up to my journey thus far.