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Crossing One off the Racing ‘Bucket List’

Holy Cow! I now realize that it has already been three whole weeks since I ran the venerable Boston Marathon! I guess I’ve been putting off writing the blog post as I really don’t know where to start and where to end with this post. Usually, I’ll just go through the whole process of the lead-up, the race itself, then the post-race re-cap, but it just doesn’t seem like going through the normal motions would do justice to what this race represented for me. So instead, I’ll beg your indulgence as I wax a little philosophical about the entire ‘journey’, both my own as an individual, as well as my own as an athlete (of sorts). As I had already aluded to, there are some photos that you can browse at your leisure, as well as a custom map of the race from the day that I threw together. These sort of make up the ‘tangible’ of the race, but come far short of the actual story behind it. So, read on, dear friends, and maybe you’ll get a little more insight into the entity known as ActiveSteve 🙂

T-Minus One Week to Boston!

Yup, that’s right, you read correctly. I’m now actually less than a week away from running one of the world’s most famous races, the Boston Marathon. In fact, this will be the 114th edition of the race, and for me, the 6th time that I run 42.2km all at once! The funniest part about this (at least in my mind) is that to me, it’s more of a training event than a main event. I know, sounds crazy, but in just over 2 months from now, I’ll be doing a 3-day race in which one of the days is a 62km off-road trail run! So for that reason, this isn’t the pinnacle of my 2010 season, but just a warm-up. However, that in no way will detract from the event for me, and in fact, makes is easier to just enjoy the day. I plan to carry a camera and my GPS, so there should be ample photographic evidence of my day on the classic road to the finish in Boston! Although I leave in about 4 days, I feel pretty disorganized, or at least not really in the right headspace. To hear a bit more about why that is, and some other latest news, read on. The picture? Well, that’s just one from my recent move to my new home in Gatineau, why not have a look at the full folder of pictures from the move? After that, come on back for more!