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New and Improved

Welcome to the new face of Although the old website design that I had been working with was fine, I thought it was time to present a new face for my place on the web. You’ll notice that this new site boasts a number of new and interesting features. On the top, you’ll notice that you can select different background colors to suit your taste. You can also make the main text area wider or narrower, as well as select a larger font spacing for ease of reading. That’s just for starters. You’ll also see that I’ve put in a neat-o menu along the top to access sub-content areas of this site. You’ve now got an easy way to check out the other great features of this site, including my events section, a section highlighting all my race results, and links to view posts specific to racing, travels, and general posts. On the right, you can see that I’ve built a countdown timer which will always show a countdown to my next race, so that you don’t have to ask me when it is 🙂 Each racing event also has countdown timers. Finally, you’ll see that I have the ability to show banner ads on this site as well (with ability to track full statistics), and have a sponsors section. With all the race registrations and equipment needs that I’ll have in the upcoming years, I plan to look for sponsors. In the next little while, you’ll also be able to download my media kit. That’s it in a nutshell, hope you enjoy my new web design! Feel free to leave me some feedback by commenting on this post.

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