Happy New Year!!

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Well, break out the resolutions, it’s out with 2006, and into 2007, the year of James Bond (007). To properly bid adieu to another great year, and welcome a new one into our lives, Jody and I had a bunch of our good friends over for a little New Year’s eve party. From what I can recall, a good time was had by all 🙂 We started out by having a cheese fondue and raclette with Alix, Meghan, Dave and Matt, then moved on to the main event, with people popping in and out, although most people stuck around for the duration. After all, at the stroke of midnight, what better place is there to be then at the Nanaimo Bar?? (Don’t answer that) I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone for coming out and making it a great celebration. My laziness the next day tells me things went pretty well. I only mustered up the energy to finish cleaning up the mess, which was quite minimal, and going out for a nice family walk too. Apart from that, it was video games all afternoon! Yay!

Now, I realize a lot of people try to make resolutions and so forth for the new year, but not me. Rather than take on new things, I think I’ll just stick to my plan of general well-being, and keep training hard, and racing harder! That is, if my body co-operates. My leg had been bothering me again a bit, for no apparent reason. It’s really getting a bit frustrating. But here’s hoping that everyone else has a happy and healthy 2007, and that we all get to see each other as often as possible!

There’s not really a whole lot more to say about New Years 2007. We had good food, good drinks, good friends, and good food! The post-midnight walk around the block with the dog and cigars was interesting, if not very slippery as a result of the freezing rain. I was pretty apprehensive about letting anyone drive later in the evening as a result of the rain, but everyone made it home safe and sound. Kudos go out to the designated drivers that evening. Thanks, folks!

Anyway, take care of you and yours, and here’s looking at more fun and adventure in ‘007! If you’d like to see more, check out the pictures of how we celebrated the new year.

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