Let the Laziness Begin!

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Yup, thar she be folks! The La-Z-Boy couch has arrived and is all set up in the basement. With that behemoth set up, I guess we’re done phase 6 in the basement renovation. We’re rounding the final corner (ha ha, did you get the pun there?). All that remains is to build the bar, and put in a new coffee table I guess. Unfortunately, that bar is going to be no easy task. I’ve been doing my research, and going over the plans in detail, and all I can say is that it’s a pretty major first wood-working project to be undertaking. I mean, I really want this thing to look good, and I’m worried I might not have the mad skills for it! However, rest assured, I’ll take my anal time with it, and make sure it turns out something special 🙂 I’ve even bought yet another tool to do so, a new plunge router! But enough about the bar. How about that couch? It’s a sectional, the smallest you can get, but it still manages to look like a giant in that room, and unfortunately, dwarfs our current 32″ TV. So what does Jody say? ” I guess we need a new TV”. Those are dangerous words to say to a big ticket shop-a-holic! However, we really can’t afford that right now, so I’ll just have to start dreaming about my 45″ LCD HD Widescreen TV (the Sony Bravia looks nice!). My guess is that after Christmas, in the winter doldrums, prices will [yet again] drop probably my 25-40% on TVs. Mark my words. Then.. look out world, here comes Stevey. At least that’ll give me time to properly research what ‘I need’. Till then, I’ll just have to curl up on this fancy couch, and play Xbox on my wee 32 incher. Ha ha. That’s it for now.

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