Pictures from the Trip

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Holy Cow! Where do I possibly begin to describe the simply amazing sights and experiences of the entire trip? Well, how about with two albums of my very favourite pictures of the trip? Even with my selective chopping, I’m still ending up with a ton of pictures. For the North Island, I culled it down to 732 images, and for the South Island, I couldn’t get below 1,024 pictures. Well, I’m sure I could, but that’s no fun. Note that I haven’t touched up any of these pictures. However, I am providing them to you in full resolution, so should you ever want to print some up for whatever reason, go nuts.

Without further ado, here are the links to the ‘Best of the Best’:

Best of North Island Pictures

Best of South Island Pictures


Should you wish to go through my entire photo collection, you can also do that. I’ve put together a Collection on Flickr, consisting of 119 sets in chronological order, one for basically each and every day of the trip. These aren’t all in high resolution, but they’re certainly suitable for computer viewing and/or slideshows.

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