On Obesity and Uncle-Hood

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Well, it looks like it’s been a while since I wrote anything in the ole blog-sphere, so I figured I’d dash off a few paragraphs of random neuron firing. With the weather finally starting to come around, I’ve been as busy as ever, with lots of training focus, spending time outside running, and working away in the basement at getting the bar done, just in time for summer. What’s that? This was supposed to be a winter project? So that people could enjoy cold nights with cocktails and entertainment? Bah! I make no excuses, I’ve done my best. On that front, things are really finally ‘coming together’, pun intended. Last night marked the official first building steps of the bar. I was burning the candle at both ends last week, getting up early to stain and varnish, and staying up late to do the same. Persistence paid off, and the final two panels were finished Sunday morning. As such, I started putting the framing together last night, and will hopefully have some pictures up soon.

But I digress, the bar is not the focus this time around. Obesity is one of my topics du jour. They say that obesity is almost a national epidemic. If not obesity, then certainly at least being over-weight. How can this possibly be, asks me? Well, I think I got an inkling of an idea why. On my Saturday run, of a relatively short 13km, I passed directly in front of 3 McDonalds! A 4th McDonalds was just 200m off my route as well! Not to mention the countless pizza joints, and various other speedy, junky food options. Now I’m certainly not condemning the Golden Arches. Quite the contrary, those who know me are well aware that I had no problem watching “Super Size Me”, then heading to Ronnie’s house the next day for a delicious Quarter Pounder meal (check out the nutrition calculator)! Quite the opposite, I personally would have stopped in for a bite had I not been in the middle of a run and not had any money on me!

The point here is that the fact that this sort of ‘nourishment’ is so ubiquitous everywhere you turn. Have a look next time you’re out at just how many fast food options are available to you in a 5km radius. I’m guessing you’d be quite surprised. I know I was. Another reason for our epidemic is surely our culture of physical apathy. Later on, I was at the Bayshore mall, and was observing people who were too lazy to even take an escalator! They would wait for an elevator rather than take 20 steps down the hall to an escalator. I’m not talking about elderly, or parents with babies, I’m talking people our age! I was dumbfounded. Same as I am when I watch people take the elevator every day here at the office to ascend a pathetic 2 floors! No doubt these are the same people who have a nice salad at lunch, topped with several helpings of dressing, and after 4+ coffees! Hey that’s funny, apparently Canada has some plan to address my stairs complaint, I just found it (ironically from the McDonalds website), read it here. Why should I care about all this laziness? Well, it’s my tax dollars that will pay for all the related health issues of everyone out there. I recently read an interesting thread somewhere on how if the government would just spend more promoting healthy living, and invested in athletes (creating ‘heroes’ and idols for youth to aspire to), the spin-off effect of motivating citizens into activity (thereby reducing health costs) would far outweigh the costs. Read a good paper here on this topic.There is fierce debate on both sides of that one, but overall, it seems prudent that promoting healthy living certainly couldn’t hurt us!

Okay, enough about that. I just realized I could probably write pages on that topic, but that would get tedious, wouldn’t it? Instead, topic #2, my fast-approaching uncle-hood. Yup, that’s right, my sister Andrea, and hubby Patrick will be proud parents within a few weeks of now. As such, I’ll get to finally be crazy uncle Steve. I think that suits me just fine. Again, as many of my closer friends are aware, I’ve thus far been immune to wedding and baby-itis. Hurray for me (and my infinitely understanding LOML Jody 😉 ! She’s quite looking forward to being a spoiling Aunt as well I think. It sort of got driven home to me the other night when watching an episode of the US ‘the Office’. In it, they had take your kid to work day, and Michael (office manager) was getting along great with the kids. At one point, he made a great statement. Something along the lines of: ‘That what’s great about not being a parent yourself. No one ever disowns their uncle, only their parents.’ Huzzah. My thoughts exactly. I can now enjoy all the benefits, with none of the drawbacks! Ha ha. Either way, it should be interesting to be so close to someone who has a new-born in their lives. Thus far, I’ve been relatively sheltered. There’s even a rumor that I may be the cinematographer in the hospital (no, not All Access, but taping the beaming parents soon after). Crazy! That’s it for now folks, till next time….

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