Enjoying Some Beer with Norm from Cheers!

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Cracking Wise

Hey folks, just a quick little post to talk about a little fun that I had last weekend, as a break from training and work. Although I did end up working both Saturday and Sunday for a little bit, I did avoid doing too much and losing my brain. Good thing too, since I had a long training run in the works, as well as a trip to an Oktoberfest in Van Kleek Hill, and a bachelor party back in Ottawa later Saturday evening! See, I don’t just do boring things all the time like train and race. I still know how to party. However, I sort of regretted it the next morning, and think I should probably lay off the drinks till after my marathon at the end of the month. Seems like the prudent thing to do. For a collection of the pictures from the Oktoberfest event, click on over to the folder on flickr.

Originally, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go the the event, due to the bachelor party, but at the insistence of Rob, we picked up tickets, and planned to take the bus at 2pm out to the event, and head back on the 9pm bus in order to make it to the bachelor party by 10pm. Well, after seeing the 14 buses, and hordes of people, we got turned off to that idea. Luckily, Anna decided she wanted to drive, so we took advantage of that.

Once on site, we quickly learned that Beau’s may have bitten off more than they could chew for their first Oktoberfest. Even before the 14 buses showed up, the lines were getting crazy. You had to line up for food tickets, beer tickets, beer pick-up, food pick-up, meeting the guest of honour, and later, even the washrooms. Plus, it was pretty chilly. We made the best of it, and still had a pretty good time, and are pretty sure we’d go back next year, since I’m sure they will work out some of the snafus from this year.

We still managed to get our fill of beer, and I did have a great beef stroganoff and a fresh strudel. Sadly, a lot of food places also ran out of grub, or had huge delays while they made more food. It really was too bad. However, it was definitely need to see George Wendt, Norm of cheers. He looks a bit older, but still has an impressive beer gut and was full of funny stories for us. He was a trooper for sure, wearing shorts, and sitting at a stool at his own personal bar while people got to meet him. It certainly gave the whole event a bit of an air of celebrity status.

Not much more to say on this post. I went, I drank, I conquered. Got all my training and work done to boot. Sort of wish I’d had a bit more time to celebrate Foo’s bachelor party, but I figured I knew how things would end up after the copious beer! At least there’s next weekend at the actual wedding and reception to catch up. Till next time friends, keep the mugs frosted and the smiles big, okay?!

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